What is the Pie-in-the-Face-Off Campaign?

Great Question! The Pie-in-the-Face-Off campaign is a fundraiser for Carmichael Outreach, where you get to see two contenders “face off”. You, the public gets to cast a vote by making a donation towards either person, and at the end, the person with the most “votes” (most dollars donated towards them) gets hit in the face with a pie!

Last year, we got to see Mayor Michael Fougere and Police Chief Evan Bray go head to head (or pie to face)! We’re sure that Chief Bray had a blast getting to hit his boss with that pie, and we had a blast watching it happen. This year, we will have two new contenders, supported by our partners at the Regina Pats! Stay tuned to find out who this year’s contenders are!

In addition to the fun of some friendly competition between contenders, there will also be prizes available for the top donor, so get out there and fundraise to make your vote count and earn the chance to win some great prizes!

Contender A
Contender B