Out with the Old…

It’s Tyler’s last day at Carmichael Outreach, and after four years, he decided that he wanted to share some parting words. They are below…


My life and community were altered 4 years ago when I walked through the doors of Carmichael Outreach for my first day and started as a Housing Support Coordinator. I have met some of the most amazing people in our community

I want to thank my friend Rodney who passed away during my time working here. Rodney taught me more about generosity and caring than anyone I have ever met. My understanding of what it meant to truly care for and love others was fundamentally shaped by observing the way he treated each person that walked through the doors at Carmichael. Rodney took every opportunity to care for others, and it is a legacy I intend to carry forward for the rest of my life. Miss you brother.

Thanks to Rocky – who has functioned as the gift-giving, protective mother bear at Carmichael throughout my time here. We have shared a lot of laughter, and she is an amazing writer and contributor to the free press. I will miss her.

Thanks to Noel, aka Ken Dryden, who always made hockey day incredibly fun. I will miss hearing his laugh and getting to experience his humour and sarcasm.

Sidenote: I have learned more about what it means to live with strength and resiliency from the people I see at Carmichael each day than I ever thought possible. I have learned to take advantage of each day of my life, regardless of what my circumstances look like. The Carmichael family is what I will miss most about this place. It is an amazing group of people who care for each other, look after one another, and protect one another.

Thanks to our friends at Strategy Lab – These guys have helped us learn how to more effectively communicate who we are, be bold in our vision, and what it means to hustle. Much of what I’ve been able to communicate to our community, I owe to their encouragement, skill, and challenging. Brandon, Jeph, Eddy, Conrad and crew –  we are so grateful for you.

Thank you to Synergy Electric Corporation – Dale, Aaron, and team provided us with a brand new set of computers and a network hardware install that moved us from old technology to functional technology. I am amazed at how this community supports our work, and this was one example where good people helped us become more effective at what we do.

Thanks to our friends at KSP Technology – Kevin and Melanie were a god-send to our organization. We lived in the dark ages before they became our IT provider. They have generously provided their services as a donation, and we would be lost without their on-going support.

Thanks to the George Lee Grade 8’s from 2016. This group of kids was my favourite community project of all time. An entire school came together to donate $280 of art supplies and almost 3,000 clothing and house hold items to Carmichael Outreach. If that is our future, we are in good hands.

Thanks to the Hill Business Students’ Society. What a group of inspiring young people that have helped to raise over $130,000 in the past 4 years for Carmichael. They have taught me to be creative, visionary, and inspiring. They taught me that a combination of passion and vision are irresistibly engaging.

Thanks to Bill Neher – a man who started as a potential project partner that became a friend, that morphed into a mentor. Bill has been the brains behind our new building project and his contributions to Carmichael will impact the organization for the next 30 years. I am so grateful to have been able to work alongside of him.

Thanks to my good friend Nic Olson – Nic taught me what it meant to authentically put 100% into working at Carmichael, and through the 3+ years that we worked together, he inspired and carried forward a lot of vision and innovation. My time with Nic taught me that right is right, no matter how difficult, and that there is always a way forward if we look for it.

Finally, thanks to each staff member, volunteer, donor, community member, and media member who has told our story, or joined our work. Carmichael cannot be what it is without the strong support of the community. Each of you has amazed me, and I have been inspired when I see and dream of what we can accomplish together.

Thank you for letting me be a part of this journey for 4 years,



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