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This is Joanne Wanda Bigsky. I was born on Feb 7, 1966 in a little town called Picture Butte Alberta and my mother’s name is Beatrice Bigsky and my father’s name is James Isadore Bigsky. But they are both gone.

I had 6 sisters and they are all gone too. So I’m the lonely girl left and I have 4 living brothers. As for myself I have 3 boys and 3 girls which I do love very much.

My children’s names are Arlen Bigsky, Kenneth Wolfe, Vernon Bigsky. But I didn’t raise them. They all got taken from me when they were babies, which I regret that I wasn’t there to hold them when they were crying. But they never held it against me, I’m glad they forgave me for not being there for them.

When I lost my children I moved to Regina and started my messy life. As for starters I lived under the Albert St Bridge for one year then I woke up one morning and came to Carmichael for coffee and started meeting new people. I seen what they had and I wanted what they had. But I was to scared to ask for their help.

Then I went upstairs to detox. Got out but I only turned back to my old ways of knowing. Then I kept on going to Carmichaels and I liked what they had so I asked Doreen for help and she gave me. So I went to Cree Nation. I liked it there but once again I turned to my old messy ways. Then I met Nic. So he helped me get into Calder in Saskatoon.

Without all the help the people at Carmichael I don’t think I’d be 7 months sober. All I can say is thank you all of you. Thank you for being there when I need you.

Written by Joanne Bigsky

Typed by Carmichael Free Press

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