George Palmer – Notice of Passing

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of George Palmer, the original Executive Director and founder of Carmichael Outreach Inc.

George was one of Regina’s best, and a man who embodied the values of the organization that he spent 20 years of time and effort on. George was a champion for individuals and families facing the challenges of extreme poverty and worked tirelessly and to his limit to meet the needs of the community to the best of his ability. George was generous and faithful, persevering through the difficult early years of a fledgling organization, often working without pay to ensure that the members of his own community would be able to access vital services each day.

In June 2013, when we celebrated our 25th anniversary, we were able to see George at Carmichael Outreach one more time. He remained the same man we remember fondly today – generous and faithful, never ignoring the challenges and inequalities faced by the members of his own community living in extreme poverty. It was a bright, sunny day as George spoke with fondness of his many memories of Carmichael Outreach, and is fitting that today we remember him as a man who spent his life bringing some light to dark and hidden injustices in our own community. It is fitting that as he spoke that day of a lifetime of memories about Carmichael Outreach that Carmichael Outreach owes George a lifetime of gratitude for his efforts, and for sharing who he was with us.

George is a man we will not soon forget. His fingerprints are all over what Carmichael Outreach has become today, so we say thank you to George and celebrate his life.

Our deepest sympathies are extended to Dorothy, to his daughters and his son, and to his grandchildren and great grandchildren. Thank you for sharing your husband, father, grandpa, and great grandpa with us. It was our privilege to know him, and we will remember him by carrying on the work he started.

Together in Community, Together as Community,

The Carmichael Outreach Team

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