A Human Plea

It’s -40 with a windchill. Not uncommon to see vehicles running for 20 minutes while their owners wait for them to warm up. Bundled faces hide behind toques and hoods, big mitts and parkas.

But what if you live in abject poverty?

What if -40 doesn’t mean you pull your winter parka, toque, and mitts off the shelves?

What if it means you just become more and more cold?

This is the reality for our clients. Today, we provided sleeping bags to clients who are still struggling to survive, sleeping outside. We saw blue hands, cracked hands, frozen faces, and chattering teeth. It’s not right, but it is reality.

We are desperate for winter outerwear. Anything and everything. Please bring us parkas, toques, gloves, long underwear, and sweaters. We will give it to people in need. To our community members struggling to survive, fighting against death by freezing. This is our reality.

We are open Monday-Friday from 9:00-4:30, and we will take any winter outerwear donations. Please bring them by our building at 1925 Osler St and let us clothe the needy.

Thank you,

The Carmichael Outreach team

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