2013 Carmichael Outreach AGM Board Elections

Last night, at Carmichael Outreach’s AGM, we saw the departure of some long-serving board members and some new members elected. First, we would like to thank Board Chair, Jeff Grub, for nearly 5 years of service to Carmichael Outreach. Jeff has provided a steady hand, while empowering staff and volunteers. Jeff has decided to move on to other opportunities. We are sad to see Jeff leave and wish to say recognize and honor his efforts.

Also resigning from our Board of Directors is John Tzupa. John, much like Jeff, has dedicated a tremendous amount of time to Carmichael Outreach. John was always available to provide a helping hand to ensure that the centre ran smoothly and effectively. We have appreciated John’s availability and efforts for Carmichael.

Finally, we also wish to say thank you to out-going Board member Billie Patterson. Bille often brought a fresh, unique perspective and his perspective was valued and important to Carmichael Outreach’s mission to be an open door and helping hand.

Thank you Jeff, John, and Billie. We have appreciated your service and wish you all the best in the future.


The new Board of Directors for Carmichael Outreach, after last night’s elections, is:

Terms Expiring at 2014 AGM

Mike Staines

Alexis Losie

Ryan Bourlan

Kathleen Wilson (elected to one year term at 2013 AGM)

Terms Expiring at 2015 AGM

Jacqueline Hatherly

Adam Levine

Riva Farrell-Racette

Terms Expiring at 2016 AGM

Kevin Miller (elected at 2013 AGM)

Michael Brown (elected at 2013 AGM)

Dan Lindsay (elected at 2013 AGM)

Congratulations to Dan Lindsay, Michael Brown, Kevin Miller, and Kathleen Wilson on being elected to the Carmichael Outreach Board of Directors!

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