Seeking Storage Solutions!

If you’re looking for a project that will help you give back to the community, we just might have the perfect opportunity for you!

We’re seeking support to meet our storage needs. At Carmichael Outreach, we run on a tight budget, so needs like this often tend to fall to the wayside. We know that better storage solutions would improve our ability to serve the community, allowing us to store things like furniture, bulk items, donation overflow, and more!

This would also help us reduce the need to turn away donations when we are overflowing.


A couple of potential storage solutions we are looking for include:


Sturdy wall shelving for our programming storage room

We would love to have larger shelving installed in our programming storage room, where we could fit large tote buckets full of all kinds of supplies. This will allow us to make use of all the vertical space we have available in this room to store things like craft supplies, games, movies, and more, all of which will help us to improve our ability to offer recreational programming


Outdoor sheds, shipping containers, or metal bins for storage

We would love to have a space like this on site where we could store donations of furniture and other supplies for our Housing Support Program. These items are stored to be used when we help move people into housing, so that we can ensure their houses are homes.


Thank you once again to all of our friends in the community. We are so grateful to have such a great group of people in our corner, and are looking forward to see what the future brings.



The Carmichael Family

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