The People’s Housing Summit and Walk

The ‘Enough Talk, Let’s Walk’ Housing Awareness Walk was a great success earlier this week. On Monday, over 50 citizens joined us to walk from North Central Community Association on 7th and Athol all the way to City Hall. There was a minor hiccup at City Hall, so after a few short presentations by our Acting Executive Director Alaina Harrison, and Marc Spooner, we headed to Victoria Park to continue our open forum. Many people shared their stories, including Peggy Frank who was driving across Canada with a seven-foot tall cocktail glass made of recycled pill bottles symbolizing HIV treatments in Canada. Afterwards soup and bannock was shared in the front walkway of Carmichael Outreach. The community event was a great success!

The following day The People’s Summit was held in the Library of the Hotel Saskatchewan as a way to give the general public a voice in the Housing Crisis, again with over 50 people in and out of the room. Alaina Harrison presented the Roof-Ready Regina document, poetry was shared, and people were again given the opportunity to share their stories. Both events were great successes; homelessness got a voice and we believe that the citizens of Regina heard that voice!

Thank you to all who attended, participated, and helped set up both events!

Please see our Gallery for more photos of the walk.

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